Monitoring Outbreaks
Augmented reality activity is monitored and mapped by NASA's mobile augmented reality system, MARS RovAR. In the event of a high level of unexplained activity or outbreak, DARP's outbreak response team works to ensure rapid, coordinated detection and response to zone outbreaks and promote comprehensive outbreak surveillance. It also seeks to improve the collaboration and partnership among officials in local, state, and federal agencies who work with AR outbreak surveillance and response.

DARP Notification system:
  • DARP alert - Conveys the highest level of importance; warrants immediate action or attention.
  • DARP advisory - Provides important information for a specific incident or situation; may not require immediate action.
  • DARP update - Provides updated information regarding an incident or situation; unlikely to require immediate action.
  • DARP Information service - Provides general information that is not necessarily considered to be of an emergent nature.

DARP Alert Levels:

Green/Normal - Augmented Reality conditions are normal.

Yellow/Moderate - Conditions of at least one AR zone have been compromised but contained.

Orange/Severe - conditions of multiple AR zones have been compromised and unable to contain.

Red/Critical - most/all AR zones have been compromised. Immediate emergency response required.