DARP Organization
As a newly established orgainsation, DARP aims become one of the major operating components of the Global Augmented Reality Protection Network. DARP's leadership team is responsible for achieving DARP's mission to collaboratively create the expertise, information, and tools that people and communities need to protect augmented reality through policy, preparedness, monitoring and regulation.

DARP Leaders:
  • Jeff Oates : DARP Director
  • Scott Gall: DARP Principal Deputy Director
  • Dale Hatchett: Chief Operating Officer
  • Diana Warden: DARP Associate Director for Policy
  • Emily Wade: DARP Associate Director for Communication
  • Norman Mccowan: DARP Associate Director for Emergency Response
  • Candice Lodge: DARP Associate Director Community Outreach
  • Jeffrey Ericson: DARP Associate Director for Security
  • Samuel Petterson: DARP Associate Director for AR Regulation
For more information about DARP's organisational structure please contact us at darp@futureofreality.org